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Lámh signs for Roar

To Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day we are learning the Lámh signs to “Roar” by Katie Perry. We will also be wearing our odd socks on Wednesday!

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Seachtain na Gaeilge

Fifth Class joined First Class to teach them An Damhsa Mór. As you can see, great fun and craic was had by all!

Here is the video for extra practice or family fun!

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Amazing Instruments!

Following our sound effects science lesson First Class decided that they would like to create their own instruments! Using a variety of recycled materials and dry pasta they set to work. When their creations were finished they composed rhythms in their groups to play to the class. Messy, noisy fun was had by all!

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Sculptors at Work!

First Class enjoyed getting creative with clay. They made pinch pots and decorated them using a variety of tools.

They were delighted with their results!

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Merry Christmas from First Class!

First Class have really enjoyed rehearsing for the Christmas carol service! Here is a sneak preview of our favourite song and some art work!


The children enjoyed creating Christingles last week. They learned that Christingle means “Christ’s Light.” The four cocktail sticks represent the four seasons and the orange represents the world. The candle represents Jesus, the light of the world and the red ribbon is a reminder that Jesus died. The sweets represent God’s creations, we may have enjoyed sampling a few sweets while making the Christingles!

PJ Party!

First Class enjoyed a well deserved treat of a PJ and Teddy Party this week! We got very comfy and cosy and relaxed in the afternoon and enjoyed a movie called Moonbound from the IFI!

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Art inspired by Wassily Kandinsky

First Class created some beautiful artwork inspired by the work of Wassily Kiandinsky. They worked hard cutting and sticking using a variety of colours.

Our Class Tree

In-keeping with our tree theme each child created a leaf for our class tree as part of our Religious Education lesson on belonging.

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2D Shapes

First Class have been learning about 2D shapes in Maths. They further explored 2D shapes through art and play. Have a look at some of their work!

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Welcome to the First Class Blog!

Welcome to our First Class Blog! The blog will allow you to see some of First Class’s beautiful work and keep up to date with some of the learning that is going on in school. We hope that you enjoy seeing what we are getting up to!

We are looking forward to year filled with learning, creativity and teamwork!

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